Skin Analysis

Duration – 60-90 mins

Before any treatment can be undertaken a full skin analysis will need to be performed. This is so we have a clear starting point and know what we are dealing with. This detailed analysis allows us to properly diagnose your skin. Only when we know what we are dealing with can we work together to get exceptional results.

The diagnostic equipment used at Preserve Skin Clinic, will take images of your skin. The images are then analysed, together with the indepth questionnaire, history, intrinsic and extrinsic contributors, a diagnosis of your skins current state can be made. Then discussions will begin and a treatment plan will be formulated.

At the end of the analysis we will know more about the structure and function of your skin, how it is behaving, what your lipids are doing, what sun damage you have sustained over the years, pigmentation state, cell health and much more. Now is when we can start to restore your skin health and to slow down the aging process.

This is a very important process. Treatment plans will not be implemented until this is completed. If you are serious about knowing what you have to do to get the healthy skin you really want, then this is compulsory.

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