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At Preserve Skin Clinic we are real about what we can do to get the skin that you want. There is no short cut to getting great skin but it is achievable with commitment and team effort. Then when you get the result you want you will have a skin care regime that will help you to Preserve it.

Aging cannot be stopped forever but we can definitely slow it down with salon treatments that make a difference and great home care. When you look after your skin, it will look after you! Preserve Skin Clinic can help you and show you how.

We follow the Principles of Corneotherapy


Repair, Replenish, Regenerate
Then we Preserve the integrity.
It’s where science meets beauty!


What is Corneotherapy?

Our Services


All facials are formulated to the individual.  As a therapist I will prescribe a combination of treatment modality that is suited for your skin – truly Bespoke.

Specialised Treatments

A collection of our more specialised treatments for targeted procedures. Using the latest and most advanced products and methods tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Eye Enhancement

Great if you want to go bare with no mascara. Having the tint cover all the lash from base to tip will make a huge difference to defining your eyes.


Friendly and professional waxing services available using the highest grade waxes and aftercare products


Bio Sculpture is a permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping.  It is thin, strong, flexible and natural looking.  It will not chip or smudge.

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